In Retrospect

Watford Catholics have been more than fortunate in having been given a church which is a superb example of the best that a gifted architect and the finest craftsmen could produce. They have been more than fortunate too in having a church, presbytery and school free from debt , due to the generosity of the benefactor. So many parishes have to struggle for many years to pay off the cost of their church.

The finely decorated interior of the church has become dimmed and almost hidden with the accumulated dirt of years. but the restoration work now in progress has already revealed the beauty that will be seen when the centenary celebrations take place.

Holy Rood parishioners have been blessed with having some outstanding priests who have not only ministered to their spiritual needs. hut who have also dealt with the difficult practical problems, particularly over the schools. It would seem more than likely that Holy Rood has always been a lively and happy parish; it is certainly true of the parish in more recent years and of today.

Fr. Scholes the present incumbent from the beginning adopted a more informal and approachable manner than priests of earlier generations, and has shown a strong wish to be friendly with everyone. This has been reflected in the behaviour of the outstanding young newly ordained priests sent to the parish, and the priests on loan from Ireland. It has been a happy completion of a century started by Fr. Bampfield with his mission in Watford.