Parish Mass Times

Welcome, Stay, Pray, Worship & be Safe
We are now open every day from 30 mins before first Mass until 7pm. Outside of Mass times the church is open for private prayer. You may light a candle if you wish but are advised to use gel on your hands afterwards.
On arrival please
* Use the QR code or sign in on the list
* Use hand gel
* Wear a mask
* Maintain social distance at all times

Sundays Mass 8.30am and 10.30am
Monday-Saturday Mass 10am
Saturdays Anticipated Sunday Mass 6pm

Saturdays 10.30am – 11.15am Confession and Adoration (Confession in Doris Harris room or garden)
There is no need to book for these Masses. The church is still operating social distance of 1m + so please arrive in time to secure your place. We still have to separate households which means that we have a capacity of 32 single spaces and 18 half pews for 2 or more for each service.

Most Masses will still be recorded for Soundcloud and livestreamed and available as a video on the homepage of the parish website.