Prayer – websites which might be helpful

We have added some links to prayer websites which might be useful for our parishioners.

If you use a particular site that you find helpful and want to share please email Trish Bonnett

We are very excited to share our beautiful new website with you. Please click on the image and take a look around.
There is so much to see including a gallery showing all that happens at the Centre, our bookshop, how to meditate and, of course, information about all of our forthcoming events. We hope that you will find much to nourish you on your way and cannot wait to see you!

Community of Love –
John Main Seminar 2021 online

Celebrating 30 years of the founding of WCCM

Our multi-cultural celebration will be both joyful and reflective, looking back so that we can look forward. It will spotlight the teaching gifts of younger meditators and celebrate the ripening commitment of WCCM teachers who have taught among us or years. This collaboration of the generations will show how the essential teaching of the WCCM has opened new channels between the community and the world and continues to do so.

The day will be a rich mosaic including a teaching by Fr Laurence on the ‘WCCM and the New Christianity’, short talks by the upcoming generation of teachers, meeting with meditation groups from around the world in small groups, a video on the history of WCCM, celebrations in art, music, poetry – and, of course, meditation together.

And you! We look forward to your company and contribution as we celebrate this special milestone!

Welcome to the Divine Office Community!