Our parish want to  support you at a time of bereavement.

We have a Parish Bereavement Team

The bereavement team are not councillors but they are trained visitors who listen and offer support to bereaved person or any family member.  They will visit if asked after the funeral has taken place, either at their home or speak on the phone and occasionally “meet in town for a coffee?” whichever is most convenient to the bereaved person. To ask for a member of the team to contact you please ring the Parish Administrator on 01462 459126

Please click on the link below for a guide to planning a funeral.

Funeral Booklet Plan

Please click below for the sheets to help you make notes for the funeral for use when you see the Priest or Funeral directores.

Funeral Service Planner for family

 You can also view readings for use during the  funeral.

These readings are sourced from the Jerusalem Bible and have been grouped into themes. The Gospels follow after:

Death is not the end

Goodness of God


Grief – Sorrow


Person of Faith

Trust in God

Gospel Readings

If there is anything else that you would find useful to have on this page, please contact Trish Bonnett.

Reflections on Grief

Pain and suffering make life beautiful. This might be hard to believe while you’re suffering, but the lessons you can learn from hardships are jewels to cherish. If you’re suffering, it means you have a heart. Suffering is evidence of your capacity to love, and only those who understand suffering can understand life and help others.

The world needs your suffering, your courage, and your strength. Don’t try to kill your pain. Share it with another, communicate it. If the first person you talk to isn’t the right one, find someone else. Somebody somewhere wants to listen to your pain, to connect with you and understand you. When you find them, when you lighten your burden and discover the jewels and joy that are alive beneath the pain, later you’ll be present for others who are suffering.

Cuong Lu, Wait: A Love Letter to Those in Despair

If you or someone close to you is dying, you can talk to us

We know that facing the end of life can leave you feeling isolated and alone. Our trained helpline volunteers are here to listen and support you.

The Anne Robson Trust Telephone Helpline Launching on 
Monday 8th of March 

0808 801 0688
Lines are open: Monday to Friday 12-6pm

 Calls are completely free from all UK landlines and mobiles

We’re here for you, if you or a loved one is facing the end of life at home, in a hospital, care home or hospice.To find out Why we de

cided to set up our helpline please visit our new website

We are working with our existing partner hospitals to enable Butterfly volunteers to begin to visit the bedside of dying patients as soon as it is safe to do so.

We very much look forward to supporting new hospital partners in the setting up teams of end of life volunteers.

Please support us

By making a donation you will help us bring company and comfort to families as they or their loved one dies.
From our helpline and hospital work, to our workshops and online resources,  none of it would be possible without the generosity and commitment of our supporters.


The aim of the It’s Time To Talk workshop is to encourage confidence to have conversations about the end of life and last wishes and what might happen if you became ill.

We hope that by demystifying death and talking about it, we can go some way to reduce the fear and confusion around how and where we die.

We explore:

  • What does the term end of life actually mean
    How to talk to someone who is looking after a loved one who is dying or has been bereaved.
  • The small things we can do to help create a nurturing environment for everyone involved.
  • How to look after yourself as you support a loved one as they die.

It is important to us to try to tailor each workshop to participants needs.

We hope to make the workshops as interactive as possible, so that, if you feel comfortable, you are able to join in the group conversations. That way we can listen and learn from each other’s experiences.

Next Workshops:

Tuesday 11th May 10 -11.30am

 Wednesday 13th May 2 – 3.30pm

To support Dying Matters awareness week 10 -16th May 2021 we have designed a shorter Time to Talk workshop aimed at helping you to begin to think about, talk about and plan for last wishes at the end of life.

Join our workshop and let us help you start the conversation.

At the end of the workshops, members of the Anne Robson Trust Team will remain available online to chat further should any participants wish to continue the conversation.

The Dying Matters movement wants to make sure that you and your loved ones are in a good place to die.  #InAGoodPlace

For more information visit

book a place

Click here for

Welcome to our Spring Newsletter 2020

We hope you and your families are keeping safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Whilst it is a truly difficult time for all, in-particular the NHS, we wanted to let you know what is happening at the Anne Robson Trust.
We are responding to this unprecedented public health crisis with agility and compassion. When my mother, Anne Robson, died in 2010 we were not allowed to visit her for 6 days prior to her death, as she had suspected norovirus. My heart goes out to families who are unable to be with their loved ones in their final days and we want to do all we can to alleviate some of the anxiety and stress caused by this.

Our Responses To The Covid-19 Crisis
Message to a Loved One
As you know we work hard with our partner hospitals in order that
“No One Should Die Alone”

During these challenging times, when volunteers and visitors are not allowed on wards, we wanted to create a system whereby relatives and friends could send messages to patients being cared for in hospital.

Working closely with Patient Experience and Voluntary Services teams at Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, we launched the “Message to a Loved One” service just before Easter. In the first two weeks over 250 messages have been received and delivered to wards. We are continually working to improve the support we can provide – and this week have added a ‘call back’ option for anyone who is feeling distressed and anxious, needing someone to talk to.

We have had some wonderful feedback from families of patients

“I was very pleased to hear about this service. My 93 year old Grandpa was admitted to hospital 3 weeks ago and we haven’t been able to have contact with him since as he tested positive for Covid-19.”
“Thank you so much, it’s such a lovely thing you are doing. It makes such a difference, it is so hard when you can’t see your loved ones. Take care and keep safe x”
How do we communicate with openness, compassion and dignity? Read more here ……..

My Wishes Checklist

We have created a simple document for you to download, and use to record your wishes. You can do this with your family, or if you find talking about these things distressing, you can complete and put it somewhere safe (ie with your Will).

Make sure someone knows you’ve done it. And should the worst happen, where they can find it.

We hope you’ll find this resource useful – please do share with your family and friends!

In the first few months of this year we asked Nurses at one of our partner hospitals about the impact Butterfly Volunteers have on their day to day work

This is what they told us….

“Butterfly Volunteers are a huge support to patients and relatives at such a difficult time. They are all the kindest, most caring and professional people, always sensitive to the needs of those they support. We are lucky to have them.”

“From a nursing perspective, when we are unable  to spend time with a patient as we would wish, I am grateful and relieved to know there is this specialist team of volunteers available. Thank you.”

“A family told me how kind and supportive the Butterfly Volunteers were to them and how they were reassured when they had to take time off to go home.   They did that safe in the knowledge that these wonderful volunteers were with their relative.  It was a great comfort to them”

“The nurses on my ward cannot praise this service enough.  Butterfly Volunteers offer support to patients and their relatives and being there for staff too.  A wonderful, much needed service.”

Would your friends like to hear about our work?  If you shared this Newsletter with ONE person – it would help us to spread the word.
If You Agree That
‘No One Should Die Alone”
Please Support Us Now

As someone interested in our work, we would like to ask you for the first time to consider setting up a direct debit in aid of The Anne Robson Trust.

We have worked tirelessly to build our income, but for small charities like ourselves, the current challenges to charity funding due to the Covid-19 pandemic could be fatal to our vision in delivering real change for people who die in hospital.

We are so appreciative for every donation we receive from individuals in the community, no matter how large or small.

If everyone reading this were to set up a £10 monthly direct debit, this would make a transformational difference to us over the next year: immediately supporting our work with NHS partners through Covid-19; but also helping us to grow and work with more hospitals in the future.

For charities our size – the difference your support makes, especially at times like this – cannot be overstated.  Thank you.

Please Donate

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“It’s Time To Talk” Podcast Series with Bill Turnbull 

If Covid-19 has done anything – it’s made us all think about our own mortality.

By creating these podcasts we hope to empower listeners to feel more able to talk about their last wishes, as well as help outline some of the things to think about when getting life’s admin in order.

Bill Turnbull, TV and Radio presenter and Anne Robson Trust Patron, talks to professionals about their experiences during the pandemic
  • Nick Hulme, NHS Trust CEO
  • David Collingwood, Co-op Funeralcare
  • Nancy Fontaine, Chief Nurse
  • Roy Lilley, NHS Commentator
  • Rachel Clarke, Author and Palliative Care Physician

Listen here

“It’s Time to Talk” –  Live Discussions 

Hosted by our experienced facilitators via video conference, these free to join sessions will help small groups of participants learn more about how to start the challenging conversation about death and dying, and how to help others do the same.

To register your interest please contact us at:

The Anne Robson Trust is funded entirely funded by individual donations.
To support our work please donate here

Click on link below

A hospital chaplain talks about delivering spiritual care during the coronavirus pandemic

The ‘D’ Word Workshop

Notes from a workshop looking at preparing for and dealing with the death of a loved one.

D word workshop notes

Please see below for a Bereavement support activity at Walsworth Road Baptist church

News from the team

On 9th December 2017 the Bereavement Group held a service where they created a Jesse tree. The tree was made by Alan Dutt to be used during our Bereavement afternoon of Sharing and Reflection.  The idea was for people to write a thought/prayer on the provided shaped pieces of paper to  hang them on the tree. After the service the tree was put on the Altar of Remembrance in church for the use of parishioners.

On 13th February the Bereavement Group held a service for those who have been bereaved and 26 people attended. Part of the service was to create a mandala reflecting something about the person who had died.  Below are examples of what was created.

Mandala 13th February 2016Mandala 2