Recycling Items free or for sale






This page is for parishioners who have items they want to offer for free or for sale. If you have any item that you want to ‘recycle’ in this way please send details to

Details required:

  • Your name
  • Contact details (email and / or telephone number)
  • Item for offer (full details and photo if available)
  • Price or FREE
  • Date to be collected by

Please ensure you let Trish know if the item has been taken so it can be removed from this webpage.



10 July

Nearly new Lexmark printer and scanner

Contact: Lola      Email:









7 July
































Chairs as pictured

Contact: John Chamberlain

Tel: 01462 681835














6 July 2019

Invacare Rollator unused

Contact: Trish Bonnett at





10 June 2019

Trampoline (for donation to the parish)


First Communion dresses for an 8 year old
Contact: Trish Bonnett or Susanna Hawksley