The Assisted Dying Bill 2021

Bishop’s Open Letter on Assisted Dying Bill Bishop John Sherrington, Lead Bishop for Life Issues for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has written an open letter inviting Catholics to pray for the defeat of the Assisted Dying Bill to be debated in the House of Lords in October. It encourages them to write to peers at the House of Lords stating the reasons why they oppose this legislation and particularly explain from personal experience the reasons why this change in the law should be opposed. It urges discussion and communication about this important matter.
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Sharing the gospel

In this Year of the Word, Trish Bonnett, Pastoral Assistant at Our Lady Immaculate and St Andrew in Hitchin, describes how volunteering as an actor with Wintershall has given her an opportunity to share the gospel with people in a unique, and faith-affirming way. Wintershall is a charity that stages open-air productions about the life of Jesus.

For detail click Wintershall volunteer

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Sheltered Housing for Catholics

Is this for you OR for someone you know? St Scholastica’s Retreat – Open Day – Saturday, 25th September  The Retreat offers sheltered housing to Catholics aged 60 or over in 36 self-contained flats at £562pcm – more information on the poster and from The Warden: Deacon Seán Duffy – Princes Risborough (01844) 344437.




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Herts Welcomes Refugees North Herts

 Veronica Raymond

Herts Welcomes Refugees North Herts

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OLS Prayer Book

Our Lady Primary School Prayer Book 

The whole school community has contributed to a prayer book created by the Chaplaincy Team. If you would like to purchase one please do so via the parish office.

£3 for one prayer book

£5 for two prayer books

All money raised from the prayer books will go towards the new prayer garden.

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Is God calling you?

Click on link for an information video


Sunday, 25th April – World Day of Prayer for Vocations

An invitation to “Come and have breakfast”.

On this day of prayer, gather as community (or if you are a large community, in small groups) and hear the Lord say – “Come and have breakfast”

Remember the Easter story – where the apostles, having gone back to Galilee, decided to go back to what they knew – fishing. Having worked hard all night – they caught nothing and then the stranger on the shore told them, to put their nets down again – and they caught a huge number of fish…..then the recognition dawned – it is the Lord

Today we pray for all those being called to the priesthood, diaconate, or religious life. May they have the courage to discern this call, listen to God’s voice, and overcome the pressures that our culture puts upon them to ignore their path in life.

We remember: The light of Christ surrounds us. The love of Christ enfolds us. The power of Christ protects us. The presence of Christ watches over us. And wherever we are, God is with us. And all is well!

1. Blessed are you, Lord our God, who has given to all of us a destiny and purpose in our lives.

2. We thank You., God of Mysterious ways, that You have a holy design for us. We rejoice that we are special to You, That our names are written in the palm of Your hand and our place in history, our purpose for existing, is known within our heart, since endless ages.

3 Blessed are You, inscrutable Lord, for those events, persons, talents and loves which helped us to discover adventure and purpose, fruitfulness and meaning in our lives.

4 We are grateful for that long line of holy people, who since ancient times inspired others by their faithfulness to their own destinies. They by their very lives, shout out to us not to compromise our destiny but to live fully within Your eternal design.

5. Blessed are You, for colleagues, teachers, parents, family and friends who called us out from the cocoon of comfort and contentment to embark upon that unique path on which You sent each of us forth.

Adapted From :Prayers of Gratitude and Praise, Edward Hayes.

Gracious and Merciful God, in your great wisdom you have called each human person to accept your call to fullness of life in Jesus Christ our Good Shepherd. Within that call, each of us finds our special path to you as we listen for your voice in our hearts and in the many experiences of our lives. Rejoicing in the new life of this Paschal season, let us be grateful for the opportunities we have to serve you and your people.

Today we pray that those you are calling to a religious vocation may respond with eager spirits and willing hands.

May our families nurture the call of God in our children. May our parishes support the call through vibrant celebrations of our faith. May our Church leadership recognize that it is your Holy Spirit who calls and shapes each vocation.

May we who are living this life, by our joy and faithfulness, be sources of encouragement to those you are calling to this way of life.

May our Church and world be blessed with an abundance of women and men who consecrate their lives to that service, so that all people may come to know the deep joy of your abundant love.

We pray through Jesus Christ, risen from the dead and always shepherding your Church, and in your Holy Spirit, who blesses us with courage, now and forever. Amen

When I was not expecting it, you called me, my God

I hear you in a moment of time, when I am doing something else.

At the corner of a dried-up field there’s an open gate:

Helping me find new pathways, leading me on.


Christ, you have opened for me the gate of glory:

I can find greater wonders in your wonderful world:

Yet untrodden paths can be dark and frightening:

Frontiers are places of conflict and confusion.


Spirit, help me to discern the way I should go:

How else can I be sure I’ve found the open door?

At times you will close the door I thought I’d found:

Be with me and support me then, when I feel most alone.


Help me learn to expect you in new and surprising places:

To look for your fruitful word in the judgement of others:

When those seem wrong to me, help me to learn;

When they seem right, keep me from pride.

(Psalm of Vocation by John Hammersley)



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Christians Against Poverty – new Manager

Christians Against Poverty

CAP is also doing some great work, now with a new Manager, Carlton Andrews. Carlton has given us the following introduction to himself and reminded us of what CAP is doing. I am sure you will join him in acknowledging Phil Jackson’s pioneering work and I look forward to this continuing with Carlton, Leigh Smith and colleagues.

Hello there! My name is Carlton Andrews and I am the new manager at Hitchin CAP Debt Centre. After several years faithful service as CAP manager, 29 years’ service to Zeo and even more to our local community Phil Jackson is taking well-earned retirement – well almost! Thankfully Phil will continue with CAP as a Debt Coach – a role I have held for the last 18 months here at Zeo Church. So we’ve effectively swapped jobs.

I have lived in the area with my wife Wendy for less than 3 years, which means that thanks to lockdown we have had little opportunity to get to know other churches, yet alone their leaders. Hopefully, that will change over the coming months.

I have been asked to tell you something about ourselves: Wendy, who is a solicitor & I have been together for 35 years. We moved from Kent where I was actively involved in a Christian foodbank, and with Samaritans – both as Trustee Chair. Since 2014 I have taken teams of volunteers to southern Brazil each Autumn to build homes in partnership with a small Brazilian charity called Maos Abertas (Open Hands) often joined by Wendy.

I would like to remind everyone that CAP is very much open for business, please visit our website We are currently supporting debt clients by phone and Google meet where possible. Leigh Smith is looking at running the CAP Job Club as soon it is safe to do so, and I am doing the same with the CAP Life Skills course. Please contact me if you have any questions about CAP or would like us to come and speak at a service or Church Council meeting. My contact details are Tel: 07305 460031. (Please use 0800 328 0006 for all debt enquiries)

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