Reconciliation and First Holy Communion – 2020/21


All sacramental preparation will be online during the period of lockdown.

WeEucharist aim to provide you with practical support and useful opportunities for discussion as you experience the privilege of helping your son or daughter prepare for these sacraments.  Some of the input is just for parents; some is for parents and children together.  The Church teaches us that parents are the ‘first and best teachers’ of their children.  There is no one more suited to guide your child through this time than you, who know them so well.  The course is designed to make your task easier and more pleasurable.

Dates for the Reconciliation and First Holy Communion course 2020/2021 are available to download, below. Click on link to download and also please read the item below. FHC Dates 2021

First Holy Communion and Reconciliation

The course divided into two parts with the celebration of Reconciliation and First Confession marking the middle point. The first three sessions are dedicated towards the teachings around the Mercy of God. The final three sessions are dedicated towards the teachings around the Eucharist and Holy Communion. The course usually starts in September with a meeting with the parents. All sessions are designed to enable both the parent and child to be participating together;  it is a requirement for the parent to be present during all the session in whatever platform the session is happening on. The sessions are roughly an hour long and ideally face to face but they are easily transferred to an online platform when required, so the programme can continue during lockdowns in the current COVID pandemic.

Session 1- Original Sin

Session 2- The Mercy of God through the New Testament

Session3- Practical session- Celebrating my first confession

Session 4- Jesus speaks with power

Session 5- The Mass

Session 6- Being Like Jesus