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Message 15/11/2017

The British Red Cross have recently released a free Emergency App for apple and android devices that provides real-time alerts, severe weather warnings and practical advice to the public in preparing for and responding to emergencies.  The app can also be set up to provide alerts that may affect family or friends elsewhere in the country.   The Constabulary has engaged with the Red Cross on this and would recommend it as an excellent way in helping individuals and communities to prepare for and be informed about local emergencies.  It is timely, as winter approaches and severe weather events become more likely, to circulate these details now and we would encourage you to consider downloading and using this app to help ensure you are better informed and prepared.

The British Red Cross are very keen to work with us to help improve the resilience of our communities to deal with such events and to improve what the app offers, so would welcome any feedback users of the app may have.

It can be downloaded from their website

Or via these links

Apple Devices

Android Devices