Confirmation 2021

All sacramental preparation will be online during the period of lockdown.

Confirmation Programme 2021

Aiming to start 7th February 2021

The Confirmation programme is offered to those in Year 9 and above. It aims to provide a space for the candidates to explore and challenge their faith in a safe environment. This is done by following the Sycamore series; the format of this is a short video on an aspect of the Catholic faith and has three elements throughout: input, discussion and views. The input is by Fr Stephen Wang a Catholic Priest of our diocese who looks after the university chaplaincies within the diocese. After a time of input, the candidates are posed a question for discussion. They spend time discussing the issue in pods with their catechist(s). The catechist is there to encourage discussion and offer their thoughts as another person also on a faith journey. During the current pandemic and lockdowns the programme will happen through Zoom. It is hoped that face-to-face sessions may resume sometime in 2021.

If you want to know more about the Sycamore series then please click the following link:

Dates to be confirmed very soon. To apply please complete the Application Form Application Form only 2021 and a 2020-VIDEO-CONFERENCING-CONSENT-confirmation email to    before 7th February.


Adult Confirmation

For people who are over the age of 18 and who would like to be confirmed, the RCIA course is the appropriate support.  Please contact Robert Hitchcock to join the RCIA group. The RCIA process is a continuous one, so there is no limit on when you join it. 

For people above 13/14 but below 18 years of age, we believe the existing parish formation for the sacrament will usually be appropriate.  Applications can be made in late November/early December to join this course of preparation. Again, please contact Robert Hitchcock

Naturally there is a process of discernment as to what will suit an individual seeking adult confirmation, and we hope always to provide the most appropriate support possible.