Parishioner Business – skills and talents that might be of use within our community

This page is for the use of parishioners who have a business or skill they want to let other parishioners know about that could be of use to them. The parish are supporting parishioners by allowing the use of this page. The parish does not endorse any of the services displayed here. 

Local licensed professional camera drone operator available for property, industrial, utility and residential inspections and surveying. High res aerial photography and video perfect for checking conditions of structures high up such as buildings, roofs etc along with aerial imagery required for council and environmental projects. All at very affordable rates. Call Jason on 0780 8729067 for more details.


  Enhancing Potential


One To One or Online Coaching for Secondary, GCSE, A levels, Graduate & Post Graduate Studies by highly experienced tutors



Secondary & GCSE: Maths and all Science subjects

A level: Chemistry & Biology

Degree & Post Graduate: Chemistry. Speciality: Organic Chemistry.


Fees: £20-35 per hour


For details and bookings, please contact John Newman*:


Mobile: 07792589916

Address: 46, Willian Way, Letchworth, Herts. SG6 2HL.

*Feedbacks available on request

Joanne Harte  Systematic Homes

Contact: 07939 475129 
Systematic Homes offers a range of services to help your home or office to become more organised, or to help you get through some of life’s big events. Organising and decluttering is not only about gaining more physical space but also about gaining more head space, which in turn results in achieving a calmer environment.
An orderly home means less stress and I have a passion for helping you sort your home and can offer tips to help you stay organised. At Systematic homes we understand that life can get busy and sometimes we all need a little help.
I offer the following services but I am happy to discuss any job and offer a free no obligation consultation.
Home organisation: I can turn any room in your home into a more organised space, so if its your bedroom, the children’s playroom or your all important kitchen, I will work with you to make it feel like an orderly haven.
Office organisation: keeping your workspace structured and organised helps increase your productivity and reduce stress.
Life events: are you moving house? downsizing? having a baby? not sure where to start? let me help. I can help get your to do lists done and your physical space organised. I also offer a service that helps with organising a home or space after a bereavement. I will always be led by you and work at a pace you are comfortable with.
Wardrobe Organisation: so may clothes but nothing to wear? it could be because your wardrobe needs a good clear out and to be rearranged so that you can see what you have to wear.
I have a selection of special offers on the lead up to Christmas, which are all available to view on my website. and you can see reviews by following my Facebook link