Recycling in the parish


With TerraCycle® we are helping to “Eliminate the Idea of Waste”!

Our recycling area has moved outside and is now available 24/7 for your convenience.

The crates for the Tassimo coffee disks are also available in the same place.

For detail of what items are being collected please click here All Parish Recycling with Terracycle-v16

See below for detail

TerraCycle® UK COVID-19 Update

As you are already aware, the government is regularly reviewing and implementing further COVID-19 restrictions across the UK.

As such, we kindly ask you to please refer to the respective UK region’s official guidance regarding COVID-19 for further information relevant to you, as the situation continues to develop. Please do not hesitate to view our guidelines by clicking here.

        In particular the Information for visitors to public drop-off location at Our Lady’s:  It is possible for you to keep collecting waste at home but we kindly ask you to follow the government’s rules according to which tier your local area is in when it comes to dropping off your waste at a public drop-off location for recycling. This could mean that you must only drop off your waste while you are carrying out an essential task, such as visiting the grocery store, travelling to work, travelling to school or getting some exercise.

Please be assured the majority of active public drop-off locations are taking safety precautions to protect themselves and their community. When dropping off your waste, we kindly ask you to follow the government guidelines regarding social distancing.

Coffee capsules in crate outside church on car park side open all the time

Please place these items directly in the crate outside of the porch. Do not contaminate the recycling with cardboard materials even if it says Tassimo on it or not, and also no carrier bags at all, as they are made of a very different plastic, and spoils the recycling process.

Raising funds for PHASE — providing support and counselling to school children in Hitchin

We are collecting: Tassimo T-DISCS and Bags, L’Or capsules, Kenco lids and refill packaging.

(No other makes will be accepted.)

Recycling is just one part of our effort to LiveSimply.

It’s about time people were rewarded for recycling properly

There are some thought-provoking TED talks about plastics and recycling – click here to watch and listen.

Do you want to take part in a consultation that could change how we recycle and reuse some of our everyday items: see the Live Simply page for details of the Deposit Return Scheme consultation.

Join us from across Hitchin in making … Eco-Bricks!

This is continuing in 2020 – fill 2 litre bottles with a minimum of  400g of single use plastic only and take them to Walsworth Road Baptist Church, Saturdays 10am-12pm or leave them in the plastic boxes outside their church doors. Please do not leave them in our porch!

For full details of what to do and why to do it click on leaflet EcoBrick Hitchin Project Outline

If you have spare bottles can you bring them to Our Lady’s church porch so those of us who do not have any can fill one too.

How to recycle contact lenses

TerraCycle® has partnered with ACUVUE® to make contact lenses, blister packaging and outer foils recyclable nationwide.  This will be very good news for all users of contact lenses who can now have their waste recycled as well – Just drop your waste off at participating public drop-off location, there are over 600 Boots Opticians and a network of Independent Optician practices throughout the UK.  To find your nearest public drop-off location, search Terracycle’s interactive map site. They will accept for recycling:

  • Any brand of soft, disposable contact lenses (daily, 2-weekly and monthly),
  • any brand of contact lens blister packaging,
  • any brand of foil from the contact lens blister packaging.

However waste that is NOT accepted:

  • Outer card box packaging (these can be recycled with your standard household recycling)
  • Rigid gas permeable contact lenses or any other form of hard contact lenses
  • Contact lenses solution bottles
  • Eye drop bottles
  • Contact lenses storage cases.

Alternatively you can create an account or log in to the TerraCycle® website and join The ACUVUE® Contact Lens Recycle Programme page as a private collector to send us your waste and earn TerraCycle® points.

How to recycle used inhalers

News about a scheme to recycle inhalers that many sufferers would often put in their general waste bins.

For all asthma sufferers, they can now take their spent inhalers to be recycled, in a new scheme sponsored by GSK:

To find out where is the nearest hospital, pharmacy (chemist) or doctor’s surgery that are taking part in this scheme, you can use the following webpage:

In Hitchin there are 3 sites: both Boots chemists and then one in Hermitage Road.

For more details of how it all works please visit GSK’s website:

GSK also provides a full list of which products can and cannot be recycled as part of this scheme:

Recycling success in 2017

Recycling achievement report for Our Lady Immaculate and St. Andrew Parish

May 2018

The following amounts have been collected and payments will be made shortly to the various good causes.

North Herts Sanctuary – £100.00 from writing instruments and equivalent to 10650 items collected.
Our Lady’s church hardship Fund – £104.00 from biscuit wrappers and equivalent to 5000 items collected.
Phase – £865.00 from Tassimo, L’Or, Kenco packaging items and equivalent to 78000 items collected.

November 2016

In this season of Advent I bring glad tidings from the recycling projects in our parish!   As part of our efforts to gain the LiveSimply Parish Award a number of collections of various waste items are on-going in the parish, working together with the Terracycle company and others, to raise funds for the parish and other charities.  From myself and the LiveSimply team a BIG THANK YOU to everyone that in the last 12 months (1st Nov15 to 31st Oct16) has contributed items for recycling.  In total we have raised £531.00.

Here is a report back, from items collected:

The Writing Instruments appeal – funded by “Bic” we have collected just over 40kg, which raised £80.00 for the North Herts Sanctuary across the road.  This is equivalent to over 4000 items sent for recycling instead of going to a landfill site in the UK!!!  In total since 2013 this raised £305.98.   Currently there are two Primary schools collecting for us, they are Our Lady’s and White Hill, but I would love it if all schools in Hitchin would come on board as well.  Is there anyone able to help this to happen?

The Coffee Packaging appeal – funded by “Kenco” we have only collected 23kg, which only raised £25.00 for PHASE.  This is a collection facility that is poorly supported in our parish, with some 800 families, we get few of these items for recycling, so I appeal to all parishioners that drink coffee in your homes and at work – please help us double the collection rate over the coming year.   In total since 2014 this raised £80.34.

The Tassimo appeal – funded by “Tassimo” we have collected some 551.5kg (over ½ ton) of all types of Tassimo discs and bags, they raised £326.00 for PHASE.   This is a collection facility that is very well supported by our parish and further afield, so if you already use this make, don’t throw the waste away, bring them to church instead – by the way, there is no need to empty the residues out of each disc, just let them dry out.   Please be aware that Tassimo will only fund waste recycling for their own products and not any other brand.  For those using other brands, please use alternative schemes elsewhere for recycling.  In total since 2014 this raised £1082.00.

So Phase, the local charity set-up by Churches Together in Hitchin to provide faith and counselling support in Hitchin secondary schools, is to receive this year directly the combined amount £351.00

The Biscuit Wrapper appeal – funded by McVities, we have collected almost 11kg, equivalent to about 4500 wrappers, which raised £100.00 for our parish’s hardship fund.  And even better news: from now until the end of January 2017 we can take part in their Biscuit Wrapper round-up competition, and if we become one of the top 20 sites in the UK, we could be awarded a share of £500 prize funds on offer, so if anyone is tempted enough to eat sweet biscuits, make sure that the wrappers are brought to be recycled!  Please note that the wrapper must say that is from a sweet biscuit type product or it will not be accepted by McVities.   All savoury product wrappers are excluded.  In total since 2013 this raised £274.00.

The Mobile Phones recycling – over a year ago Terracycle stopped accepting these, but we recently teamed-up with another company “Phone Recyclers” and have sent them 35 collected mobile phones and raised £100 for the parish funds.  With Phone Recyclers we will be able to continue to provide this facility and raise funds for the parish from recycling mobile phones.

However, we have to stop the collection of Laptops/tablet computers since Terracycle have also discontinued that service and we have not yet found a suitable alternative service.

We have also collected several bag loads of coloured milk bottle tops or plastic lids – that have been taken to either of the nearest Lush Cosmetics shop in Luton or St. Albans to be re-used in their products packaging manufacturing site.  The type of coloured plastic that they use in their factory is only of type HDPE or High Density Polyethylene or type-2, shown asor  – please remember that if the lids do not specifically show a recycling sign with a number 2 in it, then it will not be suitable to them, as it could contaminate the whole batch and make it useless.

These lids can also be recycled through the NHDC grey bin scheme, which is hand sorted in St. Albans, and most often is sent out of the country to be re-processed, on the other hand, our option allows for this type-2 of plastic to be re-used as a raw material for packaging in Poole, with environmental benefits all round!

If you haven’t a copy already, take a list of recycling projects in the parish, and use it as a guide.  Please come and see me with any related questions you may have, and thank you for your support!  We should all be very proud of all that has been achieved in the last 3.5 years of recycling.  Full totals can be seen on the LiveSimply notices.

My appeal today is for greater support if possible from everyone in the parish.

All that was waste – that did not end-up in a landfill site somewhere on Earth.   Once again, it’s not money I am after – it’s some of your rubbish!

Thank you very much!

May God’s Earth be blessed with all our efforts !

Deolinda Eltringham

For a copy to download click here. appeal-for-parish-support-04-12-2016-newsletter