Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry

Made for Greatness

Faith in Jesus Christ breathes new life into our being. Like a gentle breeze, greeted by the morning sun, rooting our lives in Him is refreshing and gives us hope for the future. Life is seen with new eyes, illuminated by the light of God’s eternal love for us.

Through Christ, we see that life is more than merely a succession of events, but rather it is the pursuit of the true, the good and the beautiful. He challenges us to break free of our sins and the empty promises of the world, and to achieve greatness.

In this mission to greatness, God calls each of us to take up our responsibilities and support each other in the relentless pursuit of holiness, so that, one day, we may join him and live forever in Paradise.

Our Mission

Helping young people pursue the true, the good and the beautiful found in Christ, because each of us is made for greatness.

Our Vision

A diocese full of young people who are faithful Catholics and active in the Church, working towards becoming the saints and role models of the 21st century.

What we do

In bringing our Vision to life, we employ a strategy that includes the following approaches:
1.Develop parish youth ministry
2.Support our youth leaders
3.Nurture young people in their personal development
4.Partner with the various voices in the Church
5.Inform the world


The Team

The team is based at the Centre for Youth Ministry and has ultimate responsibility for the Westminster Youth Ministry strategy; both in terms of development and delivery.


Contact details

Centre for Youth Ministry, 20 Phoenix Road, London, NW1 1TA

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Email: youth@rcdow.org.uk

Telephone: 0207 529 8633


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