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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School are seeking to appoint a Teaching Assistant to work from Monday to Friday 12.15 – 3.30. The role will involve supervising the pupils during lunch time (between 12.15 and 1.15) and then delivering intervention programmes to individuals/groups of pupils from 1.15 – 3.30.
Please contact Ann Cassidy-Jones on 01279 652576, or email: for more information.
Closing date for applications: Monday 12th March



Our results for our Year 6 school leavers in July 2017 were ‘outstanding’ as they have been since our last Ofsted Inspection in 2008. We are blessed to have had such a hard working staff led by an inspiring Head teacher throughout this time. The percentage of children who met the expected standard in reading, writing and maths was 98% which put our results 2nd in all Hertfordshire Primary School.
There are close to 500 Primary Schools in Hertfordshire and we would like to tell you that the funding that St. Joseph’s Primary receives per pupil is very close to the lowest amount per pupil for the County. I hope that you will therefore appreciate, even further, the outstanding results that the School achieves with very little money. The funding per pupil is calculated by the local authority based on our parent’s socio-economic situation and our low number of free school meals. This analysis may be correct but it does not mean that the school receives money from the parents to pay to run the school and so the reasoning is hard to understand.
On the new school building front, we had a Bidders Day on 15th January 2018 but at the time of writing this we have not received a response. The aim was to get planning consent by April 2018 and that building work would start in May 2018. It seems now that realistically the building works are not going to start before August 2018 at the earliest. The new school should be fully up and running from September 2019. This is still our goal but obviously we are concerned about that.
Herts County Council have been extremely supportive, they are not only funding the school expansion, but they are also paying for the two reception classes which were not part of our initial PSBP2 funding approval.
We do not have any more details now but we will try to keep you updated.
Thank you for your continuing support.

Suzanne Fitzgerald
Chair of Governors

The St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School nursery class application process for admissions for September 2018 is now open for children born between 1st September 2014 and 31st August 2015. Application forms can be obtained from the school office or the website

Completed application forms must be received in the school office by Friday, 16th March 2018


“St Joseph’s School would like to inform prospective applicants that the number of places available in Reception for 2018-19 has increased from 45 to 60.”


St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Public consultation on draft Admission Policy 2019-2020-This policy sets out the arrangements for applying for a place in the School. St Joseph’s has made some minor changes to its admissions policy for September 2019 and wishes to consult parishioners about the revised policy.

Admission Policy 2019 20 Consultation    Draft SIF 2019-20 for LA

The main change is to include Catholic children from Gilston and Eastwick parishes in the list of those who will be given priority if places are oversubscribed. This is because the local authority has pointed out that St Joseph’s is the nearest Catholic Primary School for them in Hertfordshire They will be ranked after children of the Catholic Parish of Bishop ‘s Stortford.

Copies of the admission policy are available both on the School and the Parish websites. Comments should be sent to : by 6th November 2017.

We thank you in advance for your views. Whilst we will not be replying individually to contributors, all comments will be considered by the Board of Governors, along with the views of the Local Authority and Diocese of Westminster as part of our consultation.