RCIA 2016/17

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Interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith? Would you like to join the Catholic Church? Is there someone you know who would be interested in becoming a Catholic, perhaps your husband or wife; girlfriend or boyfriend or neighbour? Have you missed out on some of the Sacraments?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions COME and JOIN the Journey of Faith (RCIA) at St Joseph’s, Bishop’s Stortford. A programme of talks and discussions are held in a very informal and friendly atmosphere, and these will run from October to Easter.
It doesn’t matter if you are not a Christian, or are from another Denomination, or have been baptised in to the Catholic Church but have not yet received the other Sacraments. This is the right place for you to explore the beliefs, faith, Sacraments and rites of the Catholic Church and, if you want to, to become a full member.

Therefore if you are interested contact as soon as possible Fr Carlos at bishopsstortford@rcdow.org.uk or call 01279 654063.

Below is the Timetable for the RCIA Programme with Fr Carlos for 2019/2020

Topics and Evenings for RCIA 2019-2020