Livestream Mass Feedback

This is our opportunity  to remind our wonderful Priests that they also are not alone and that we stand together united  with them and each other in spirit via the Livestream as they celebrate mass without their ‘physical congregation’ being present.

Please feel free to comment on the homily, readings, prayers and what the service has meant to you via the comment section on the ‘news’ page or  alternatively send a private email to

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Merciful God, Come to the help of your people

Be our shelter in this time of peril

and strengthen the bonds of our community

Bring healing to all who suffer the ravages of disease

and assist those whose skill and art can put an end to this affliction

Through Christ our Lord. Amen


Feedback received so far – Thank you so much!

So happy to be able to join spiritually in the Mass with your live stream of Mass today

Have just joined you in celebrating the 6 o clock mass on line and found it a most uplifting and spiritual experience

Tell Fr Peter thank you it was very moving watching with my wife everything was perfect.

Beautiful mass Father. Wanted to cry. Clear as a bell. X

Just “attended” vigil mass at your lovely church via the live feed. A beautiful experience, visually. Sound was spot on too. So nice to not have to miss mass at this time. We will be back! We live in Northumberland, by the way

Just wanted to say thank you  for celebrating Mass in our front room this evening.

May God bless the Parish of Bishop’s Stortford as you enter this time of such challenge and change, and thank you for streaming Mass – such a blessing to us.

Beautiful Mass tonight

Thank you for bringing Christ into our home at this difficult time.…

Thank you, Fr Peter and Fr Carlos, for celebrating Holy Mass for us all today. It means so much to be able to join you spiritually in the celebrations during this difficult time. God bless.

I wanted to thank you for a beautiful Mass this morning. Your prayers were very comforting at this time, especially the prayer to our guardian angels. Thank you and may the Lord be with you in all you do.

Please thank Father for what must have been a surreal experience for him but meant the world to us. The extra prayers he added increased the meaning and although we missed being there without the normal distractions, it was in a way more fulfilling.

I watched the Service most Sundays from home and today was no exception and a service gives me comfort

Thank you for celebrating Mass online this morning in your beautiful church. I was able to follow with you from Sedgefield in Co Durham whilst self isolating today. I wanted to let you that you were not alone as you said Mass and that it was a great help to me to be able to join you.

We have just participated in 9am mass with you online and wanted you to know how much we appreciated this. I’m sure it can’t have been easy for you to speak to an empty church, so we wanted to thank you and assure you that it means a great deal to us to be connected in this way

Thank you for a lovely service this morning- much appreciated.

Thankyou so much for celebrating Mass virtually today. It means so much for us to be able to continue with our worship and it was a lovely way to visit your parish.

Just want to tell you how much it has meant to me to be able to join with your wonderful prayerful Mass online this morning. You have lifted my heart and spirit. I thank you and ask God to bless you and sustain you in your Ministry

Thank you for the televised mass this morning. Wanted you to know that it was valued and appreciated.

Thank you so much for offering mass this morning it was a very powerful and humbling experience for me as I’m sure it was for many others. I will be joining the stream again next Saturday and for the foreseeable as long as the situation exists.

We wanted to let you know we were uplifted and encouraged by being able to participate in Mass and so want to thank you for live streaming it.

I have just watched the live streaming of the !!am Mass. It did feel that I was taking part rather than just watching. As we are all released from the obligation to attend in person, it felt as if the community was participating with me

Thank you also for the final prayers and especially the Angelus, a very special prayer for Irish people.

We listened to the streamed mass online today at 6pm, after we lit a candle at 7pm

Thank you for the live streaming today. I found it most helpful and uplifting.

I joined you in your Parish this morning through the live streaming of 9 o’clock Mass.I cannot put adequately into words the emotions I felt, but I will try…

It was a deeply, deeply moving experience. I felt completely at one with the Church, with fellow Catholics around the world and wholly united to our God like never before.

I will certainly have more compassion and empathy with the many thousands and thousands of our catholic brothers and sisters, in our own parishes and throughout the world, who cannot get to Mass for long periods, either because of Ill health or because of distance. I truly hope this is a massive turning point for all of us, church goers and non church goers, to appreciate our God, our Priests and our churches more than ever. God Bless you today and always

Thank you for the streamed masses which are a great blessing when none of us can get to mass. It’s not the same but it certainly is a big help and keeps us in constant touch with our parish

I found you had live streaming of the mass from Aid to the church in Need. I was able to watch the mass last Sunday at 9am & was delighted to find I could see the mass live each day at 9.30am.

Thank you for your beautiful Holy Mass this morning, it has been a great comfort and means a lot to me.

Thank you very much for live streaming your celebration of the Mass. I really appreciate your reading of the additional prayers for us at home, they make it easier to participate at a distance. I also really enjoyed the sung parts of the Mass on Sunday (9.00), that seemed to reach out through space more effectively than speech. It also reminded me of Mass at abbeys, and so is a reminder that the whole Church is still praying.

I live in Aberdeenshire. I first discovered your church live streaming a couple of years ago when the snow prevented getting to my church. I remembered you now, and have made watching your Mass part of my daily routine. My church is still open for private prayer at set times, so that plus watching your Mass is very encouraging in this difficult time.

May you be surrounded by Guardian Angels sent by your congregation locally and online every time you stand in your beautiful church!

Cant express my gratitude enough for A having found you and ~B the mass online.The comfort and flexibility of this is great.

Thank you very much indeed for streaming your celebration of Mass. I watched with my family last Sunday and again this Sunday. We are so grateful to be able to attend this way when there are no public Masses. It means a great deal to us. The church is very beautiful too.

We listened to the mass at 6pm.  Just to let you know you had followers. It was very good, and glad you read parts of the Pope s prayer from Friday. I listened to that live and it was very soothing, and at the same time seeing St Peter a square empty was chilling. We were there in April last year and it is incredible to see it void of people.

Hello Father, tuning in here in Ireland. Thank you

Can I take the opportunity to thank you both wholeheartedly for the opportunity to still be able to share Mass with you via the live streaming (or by watching the recordings).

In these very difficult times it provides much comfort and helps make me feel closer to my faith.

Watched my first Mass streaming today and it was lovely, thank you

Just wanted to say that I joined you for 9:00am Mass this morning from Caernarfon, North Wales. Keep on doing what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. Mass was warm, welcoming and up-beat – so many Masses I’ve streamed live have been dour and sombre, perhaps reflecting the grave times we’re in, but your Mass was quite uplifting and homely thanks to Father.

Thank you for the lovely Mass this morning and for all you do for us all.

Watched online your 9am mass today. Am living in Ireland, ex-Westminster diocese parishioner, chose your church from list of live masses and am so glad I did, so uplifted. Thank you. Watched and joined in with your brave solo singing, sympathised with your feeling bit lost without familiar flock in front and around, spoke the responses from my kitchen, took heart from the readings and Gospel and wept at your homily, the Pope’s meditation: a great release and strengthener together, and to keep for low days.

Thank you for a wonderful Mass and Angelus

Thank you very much for live streaming Father Carlos’ Mass today. We were encouraged and uplifted by participating as a family of four. Thank you Father Carlos for suggesting that we looked up the Hymns on a phone – we very much enjoyed being able to sing along with you!

Thank you for this Sunday’s Mass

Thank you, I have just been ‘attending’ your uplifting Mass online and was pleased to join in the prayers

I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to celebrate Mass virtually at St. Joseph’s. These are very strange times and I felt very comforted by the service and you words.
It’s particularly special for me to see St. Joseph’s again as I used to go to Mass there as a child when we visited my grandparents in Bishops Stortford. It’s the church my Dad grew up with, where he made his First Holy Communion and Confirmation. He died nearly three years ago and I miss him enormously, but I’m smiling thinking about how delighted he would be to know that I’ve just been to Mass there over the internet!

Have just watched mass for the second week. Thank you so much for doing this. It was particularly interesting to hear the Pope’s message from the Vatican. I did watch that live, but obviously the English version was very helpful! I used to live in Bishop’s Stortford many years ago, so remember this lovely church.

Just a quick email to say thank you again to your wonderful parish priests for helping us all get to mass at least in a spiritual manner. There was a beautiful moment possibly during the gospel when a light phenomenon was picked up over our lords covered cross, at the same moment (I’m in County Durham) the snow stopped and bright light shone through my window.

Thank you Father Peter for a most uplifting 9am Mass and for reading the Pope’s message.

Thank you for this morning’s service which I have just watched online – a great solace and an inspiration. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Thank you all for enabling us to join with you at Mass each day, it is a great blessing. From all who enabled the technical side, prepared Mass and all the priests who are exercising their pastoral ministry to us!

Please know that for every one person who has access to email, there are hundreds more who join in who don’t comment as they are more than happy with this holy service!

I have been live-streaming since the weekend and want to say how lucky and privileged we are to have this wonderful facility as well as two super priests! Not forgetting their superb Secretary!

It must be hard saying mass to an empty church, but it is wonderful to be able to attend mass even if I am not able to be there with you or Father Carlos in person.
Sending you both my very best wishes and to keep safe and well during these worrying times.

We just want to say a massive thank you to both Father Peter and Father Carlos for bringing us together spiritually at this difficult time in our world. You’re both amazing!

I am a Brazilian national living in London.Thanks to the current situation, I came across your lovely 9 o’clock mass this morning.I could imagine all the lively children all around your church even though I don’t know how the rest of the church looks like! I did a mental note to make sure to visit you once life goes back to normal.

I so very much appreciate your devotional effort in bringing daily Mass right into my small room It is a special part of my day and helps to keep this troubled world in perspective. It must be strange for you Fathers, to offer Holy Mass in an empty Church But you are not alone we remain the faithful wherever we are and we will keep you in our prayers too

I am only too well aware when taking part in the livestreaming of the Mass how empty and echoing the churches sound. Therefore I wanted to thank you for celebrating Mass and assure you that although there are no people in the church, you are not alone! We are out there and of course, you are always in the presence of the Lord.

I just wanted to thank you for your service and for continuing to broadcast mass live and then upload the recorded version. I’ve been attending many of your daily masses since the start of isolation since it’s one of the few early masses that I could find. Really enjoyed it. Thank you and will prayer for you all.

Thank you Father for celebrating a beautiful Palm Sun Mass this evening. I watched and listened to the livestream from Dublin. The singing really added to the celebration of the Eucharist and the homily was very apt and relevant.
Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your fellow priests in your ministry and in leading the flock in these difficult days.

Thank you so much for today’s 9 am Mass. I am so glad I could join even if we can’t be there in person. Thank you for all you are doing to keep us connected to our Lord during this time.

Watching Palm Sunday Mass from St Joseph’s just now. I chose this church as my late mother taught at St Mary’s c 1950, and would have worshiped here; seeing the church brings me closer to her. Coincidentally, her time there was cut short by a polio epidemic, when one of the pupils was taken ill, and all of the staff and children were sent home (in my mother’s case to Ireland) to go into quarantine. Today’s is a beautiful service – thank you!

Thank you for Mass this morning. I enjoyed it and found your homily very interesting in considering the different perspectives of Judas and Peter regarding their offences against Jesus. I pray that I shall continue to be like Peter so that there is always a way to stay close knowing that God has been and still is patient with me. I felt uplifted especially with the Angelus at the end. Once again, thank you and I pray that you all in your parish remain safe as you continue to toil in the Lord’s vineyard.

Dear Fathers Peter and Carlos, We are Americans in Lockdown in Madrid, blessed to have found your awesome pious, daily Masses at the beginning of Lent. We are 8 here, 5 children, Mom, Dad, and me, the Grandmother. Your first and every Mass, you read the Guardian Angel prayer. I was so struck with it, that I found the transcript and mailed it to all my friends back in the States. Suzie Andres received it the day before publishing her Amazon best seller, and added it to the back of the booklet. Now, you can get this kindle book for free from Amazon The Stations of the Cross with our Sister St. Therese. The prayer to the Angels at the back is there because of you!
And with all of us sending our Angels to your church each day, you remain in good company.
Happy Holy Week, Happy Easter!

I continue (internet permitting) to watch the morning Mass and find it a great benefit. I wish you all a healthy, happy and blessed Easter. from Costa Blanca, Spain.

Thank you for leading morning prayer and readings today, I joined you from Troon in Scotland. I try and pray the office each day, praying on my own each day it is sometimes hard to make it meaningful. I found your service very spiritual and praying the office with you with time for private prayer so helpful. Many many thanks, I will try and join your service again tomorrow.

Please accept my thanks and congratulations. You handle what must be a very difficult ‘solo’ process beautifully resulting in a very good and holy involvement for the , well what are we? Viewers? Participants? Congregation? Whatever we are it was great and definitely a lot better than no mass at all.

Very moving service. Needed it badly. Thank you,

Nice service this evening and interesting homily – thanks Father P. The streaming held up well apart from two very short freezes, which weren’t a problem at all – so well done Church Services TV.

We have just watched the live stream of Mass of The Lords Supper, you make the mass so meaningful & real and have a lovely warm manner. Your Sermons are easy to understand, relevant and often have funny anecdotes. Thank you so very much. I watched mass with my mother when she was ill & housebound, all the way from Standish in Lancashire, and now we are all housebound/ locked in, St Joseph’s Bishop Stortford is our go to church for streaming. Thank you so much, wishing both yourself & Fr Carlos a very Happy Easter.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you, for being there every morning celebrating mass and all of the Easter services ,
means so I much I get so much comfort from it in these very difficult times. Thank you so much keep safe and well and God Bless. Happy Easter 

Wishing you a very Happy Easter for indeed, the Lord has risen.I am a parishioner in a North West London church and had the pleasure of joining you in celebrating Easter Mass live on Saturday evening. I was very touched by your enthusiasm in celebrating the mass and could feel your spirituality through my screen. I also thoroughly enjoyed your singing, for all praise, worship, and glory be to God almighty. We should not let this pandemic stop us from worshipping him in one of the best forms available to us – hymns are powerful. Discovering your mass and being able to celebrate Easter with you is the silver lining that I am thankful for.Thank you for such a wonderful mass.

Just a quick note to you both that we have been there at mas on Sundays and periodically during the week. It must feel even more weird from your end than it does from ours, but rest assured that the community is there and very much appreciates you! … and we did wave back yesterday evening.

We chanced upon the morning prayers led by Fr Quito on Saturday and would like to say thank you for such a beautiful service. We are not in your parish – our parish is Ss Alban and Stephen in St Albans. We also participated in the Mass yesterday for which many thanks

Your masses during Lent and today Easter Day mass have been a wonderful spiritual support to many at this strange time. It is all appreciated and your sermons have been uplifting! It has felt as though we were almost there with you in those familiar surroundings of our beautiful church.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending Mass online on three occasions and would like to thank Fr Carlos for all his stalwart efforts to lead us to this happy day.

Thank you Father for the online mass this morning. We very much appreciated being able to celebrate Easter virtually with you. Also more important as it was the year my teenage daughter was due to do her confirmation. So thanks, havr a joyful Easter

Thank you so much for the Mass and for keeping going despite being unwell. We often join you for Mass on the Internet, while we can’t go to our own Parish and find it very helpful.

I live in the Brentwood Diocese. I had Problems accessing my parish masses but found your streaming services. I just wanted to let you know how moved I was by your homilies at both masses and with the masses in general. I have a son called Peter so found your references to the apostle especially moving.and interesting

Thank you for the beautiful Mass and homily. I followed you on the IPad from Hythe in Kent God bless you and thanks once more.

Thank you for the uplifting morning prayer liturgy and also the opportunity given to attend the blessing of food which I have never done before – what a lovely Polish tradition! May the Lord continue to bless you and the people of Bishops Stortford( from Harwich)

Thank you Father Peter. I was glad to ‘attend’ the 11.00 clock mass today. It gave me great pleasure to ‘be’ there. I sang as well (to the best of my ability!) and found great solace in being able to be part of it. 

Thank you so much for a lovely mass this morning. My family and I wish you well. We truly appreciate you still taking mass for us all today, given your not feeling well. We send our best wishes that you feel better soon.We miss our parish mass at St Joseph’s in Hertford and Fr Terry, but your lovely church and mass has brought us a bit of normality back to our lives today.

Thank you for a really meaningful and genuine mass this morning 9.15. It meant so much to us. We found it on Church TV. We hope you feel better soon. Thank you for battling on through illness. You are in our prayers. Christ is risen ! A Family from Richmond upon Thames.

I was baptised in your wonderful church in 1963. I have been watching the streaming and enjoying them. Father Peter is great of course. I have to say a special thanks to the father who has taken 9am mass today. I didn’t catch his name. He isn’t feeling well but he was great and had amazing spirit. I really appreciated him carrying on. Hope he feels better soon Happy Easter to you all

My sincere thanks for everything that you Fathers and Debbie have put into the amazing Good Friday Service today nearly perfect transmission But so devotional and Fr Carlos did the intercessions in such a way that one almost felt we were inside the church….. so many words of the intercession at the end of the list, pertaining to current events were beautifully included With renewed thanks and best Easter wishes

Dear Fr Peter, Your celebration of the Easter Vigil Mass was a joy to watch and truly inspirational. For once, it was also picture perfect! Thank you

Dear Father Peter and Father Carlos, Wishing you a Happy and grace filled Easter season May the joy of the risen Lord give you strength to face these uncertain times. God Bless you, 

So I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful stream, and your unaltered service to God and all His people. Greetings from the Christian community in Torquay, Devon, and may God continue to bless you as you are blessing so many of us isolated at home. Happy Easter – Christ is Risen! Hallelujah!

It could have been the magic of Easter that tonight’s Mass was received without any interruption. Or perhaps someone has been on the phone to Ireland. By whatever means it was appreciated. Take care, stay safe and God Bless.

I joined you for the vigil – and it wasn’t the first time I had joined you during lockdown! I just want to thank you. I do get a sense of real participation when I join you. The Vigil tonight was holy and uplifting. And I know that the Lord is near – near of course spiritually but also relatively close in geography (I live in Harlow). May you have a blessed and joyful Easter, Father. Thank you for helping to make mine!

I just wanted to say thank you for the live streaming of The Passion today. It was really lovely to be able to share this. I hope you are ok and coping as well as possible and in these strange times! I am looking forward to sharing Easter mass on Sunday.

Well done-a demanding service that was spiritual and moving, and l have no doubt very demanding where you were concerned. However l am sure you have the grateful thanks of many thousands.

Have just listened to the ‘meditation’ readings for the last hour or so. Just like to say thank you and much appreciated them.God Bless ( a parishioner in Lancashire, Diocese of Salford)

Thank you. Happy Easter to you all.I think you have so many people watching your live streaming as yours is very well set up and easy to use. I’ve been having difficulty getting ones from our local churches to work.

I have been following the live streaming of the Mass services and they are a real comfort to me during these very difficult times.

Dear Fr Peter. I’ve watched the video of the Holy Vigil Mass – it must be 4 or 5 times now, I’ve no doubt I shall view it again. You were really magnificent! Thank you. It probably helps that you sang the Gloria from my favourite Mass music … Why oh why does it seem impossible to buy a CD of it? Anyway, thank you for managing to say the Mass all alone, Watching it makes it so easy to imagine oneself there at the time. Thanks again, God bless you.

I was given a link to your live streaming from my daughter in law who was in your parish before she moved. I live in Wheathampstead and am now caring at home for my husband who has Parkinson’s. I watched your 9am broadcast this morning and found it positive and uplifting. Thank you for enabling me, and my husband when he is well enough to participated in the Mass.

Dear Father Peter, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely celebration of Mass today and on a number of occasions that I have attended. I particularly like the prayer to our Guardian Angel that you pray at the beginning. I am a parishioner of Our Lady Help of Christians Rickmansworth and of course unable to attend there at the moment so am enjoying visiting other churches around the country. It is a very strange time. Thank you for the good work you do.

Good morning! I just want to say how much I appreciate being able toparticipate in the Masses from your Church that are streamed. I can appreciate how difficult it must be celebrating Mass in an empty Church and giving a homily with no one to relate to physically. For me, there is always a sense of the personal touch, as if I am being spoken to and I find your homilies inspiring and uplifting.Thank you for all the effort you put into your Mass. May this celebration of Easter bring you great hope. God bless

Dear Father Peter, thank you for the mass and for your thoughtful compassionate homily.

Thank you for the beautiful mass this morning.

Greetings from Harrow to Fr Peter! One of the few bright moments amid the current constant news of gloom was
to stumble upon your parish website. It was good to hear your voice again and to hear that the story of Tinkerbell still thrives! I hope you could enjoy the first week of Easter and wish you and your parishioners well in these difficult times.

Dear Father, Thank you for celebrating Mass this morning at 9 and for your moving and meaningful sermon.
I came across your church on It’s a great thing! God bless you.

I have been one of your on-line parishioners for some weeks now, following the 9:00 mass from Hatfield. I wanted to thank you particularly this morning for asking us to share the Kiss of Peace with those close to us. Unfortunately I live alone but even so it was one thing I missed in previous weeks. We live in ‘interesting’ times but, strangely, for some there is a real ‘silver lining’.

I chose your Mass today and how glad I am that I did. It was beautiful, personal and inspirational and a help to me in my work

Once again Father thank you for the devotional Mass on Saturday evening, I was not the only person to find it so fulfilling; half an hour later I got a call from someone in London saying she had just been to Mass in Bishops Stortford ? I questioned further and she said they had tuned into the screening here and found it so devotional, Years ago we both worked in Zambia helping make mobility aids for crippled children but its a while ago, she and husband remembered we had a flat in Bishops Stortford and through you we have now been put in touch again and I think she and husband will be linking up with the streaming from St Josephs soon again.Many thanks

Dear Father Thank you for giving us the opportunity to join you for Mass this morning via webcam from Dublin. We particularly appreciated your thoughtful homily, with the challenging open question at the end!

Dear Father I ‘visited’ your church this morning for mass and wanted to thank you. It was beautiful and prayerful and a great comfort in these difficult days. I will come again.

Dear Father Peter, Just wanted to write a quick note to thank you and Father Carlos for your live stream church services during weekdays and on Sundays which I have been enjoying during this time of lockdown. I have been sharing the messages with my wife and children. Often, during this beautiful weather, I have been watching the Mass in my garden – and can’t help but think that occasional outdoor Mass during the Summer months might attract larger congregations and be a thing for the future! I live in the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, but started watching several weeks ago after my brother  informed me about the services on line. It is a great way to begin the day and has helped bring God’s peace to me during these difficult times.

Thank you for your masses in this difficult time. It has been very rewarding being able to be with you in effect on a daily basis although we live in Lancashire. We would never have believed that this would happen but being able to attend mass in effect at so many churches throughout England and Ireland has been a real joy and in a way brought us closer together .Take care Father and keep well.

Dear Fr Peter and Fr Carlos I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful services, beautiful sermons and kind inspiring words. My wife and I watch your masses every day and it provides a really positive boost.
We are parishioners in Derby normally where we run the children’s services each week. We have a lovely priest who  and we have recommended your services to him as you are quite like him in the way you deliver the mass. We do intend to visit you when the virus allows us to as you really really have made a difference

 It was very special to be part of the Zoom 9.00am Mass today which I thought worked so well, and it was comforting to be surrounded by other parishioners. Please do pass my thanks to John Wright who is obviously a great technology expert – I had a small query which was solved instantly. It can’t have been easy to set it all up and I am sure everyone present was immensely grateful to him.

 Feeling connected to all of you through Live Streaming of Mass.Wanted to send a comment for the NEWs section to thank the priests. Alas, can’t figure out how to do that. Please pass on my gratitude and greetings. Much love to you,

We are lucky to have the opportunity to participate in live streamed services at different times in different places for which we are greatly appreciative during this challenging time-perhaps our listening skills are becoming more finely tuned as I find myself anticipating the daily homilies.

Hello Fr Carlos,Just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed the streamed 9am mass this morning, especially the singing!I have also enjoyed browsing through your website and will definitely be “visiting” again.
With many thanks, and prayers, Parishioner of English Martyrs Parish, Chard Somerset.

Dear Fr Carlos, Thank you for the lovely Mass you said today. I am still reflecting on what you preached and enjoyed sharing the Mass with you and your ‘Parishioners’. Thank you for being there.

Good morning, I just wanted to drop a note of thanks for this mornings mass streamed live.  Rev Carlos Quito said a very nice mass and I continue to be encouraged by the work that all the priests carry out in continuing to deliver mass services whilst we are in this period of difficulty. I live in Northern Ireland, and we do have a number of local services that may be attended online here, but I find it nice to be able to join in with other services across the UK and Ireland, so thank you for being available on the platform. God bless you all and stay safe.

I was up early enough for 9.00 Mass and found you on the Livestream Schedule. I really enjoyed Mass, there was a hymn, heartfelt prayer and a wise sermon that made me think. The prayers for the sick and Health Care workers touched me as I do work in the NHS.I will definitely be with you again.Masses in Liverpool have been on Facebook which I don’t seem able to work. I have ‘attended’ Mass in Toronto, Leeds as well as Walsingham, so I have a Pilgrim on Sunday Lockdown and at Easter. Best wishes to you all, you all are doing a great job for us all. Thank you.

Please pass on my thanks to Fr. P & Fr. C for another week of rejuvenating Masses and inspirational Homilies, it really does help to keep focused & so much appreciated!

Dear Fr Peter, Thank you for a beautiful Mass at 9am. It was very spiritual and dignified. It was great to join in with hymns as you cleverly chose ones I knew off by heart. Keep up the good work.Best wishes to you all in Bishop’s Stortford. A Parishioner in Liverpool.

Dear Fr Peter and Fr Carlos, Just a word of thanks and appreciation for your continued ministry through the parish video stream. Your prayerful and gentle encouragement has a been a real blessing to me during these unusual times.

Dear Fathers Peter and Carlos, Thank you for the beautiful Masses you offer. We have attended during the past few weeks, although we live in Milford-on-Sea between Bournemouth and Southampton.

On this the Feast of the English Martyrs I send you Father Peter and Father Carlos special thoughts and prayers
Thank you Father Peter for making the day seem so special at Mass today with all the extra words explanations and singing so lovely

As a regular attendee at morning Mass I do appreciate the way you and Fr Carlos celebrate the Mass in these difficult times. I think that today’s Mass for the English Martyrs was particularly spiritual, thank you, for that. I hope that we had many non-parishioners at today’s celebration, listening to your short talk on the Martyrs – and, of course, your confident delivery of the Te Deum!  

Thank you so much for today’s Mass and for making us feel so much a part of it.

Sending you, FrPeter and Fr Carlos best wishes for a Happy Feast day today in honour of the Forty Martyr’s
I’m sure there have been many emails to say how much the live streaming from our own church is so appreciated at this time of isolation every day, but especially on days like today. Please thank Fr.Peter for his homily which named each martyr in our church and also for the singing of the Te Deum, a lovely way to end the celebration .

There have been some extra special Masses recently to celebrate special feast days: St George’s, St Joseph’s, and the English Martyrs this morning. Inspirational sermons at all three. Much appreciated. Our parish family is able to grow and learn about our faith together.

Just a quick note to thank you for the beautiful celebration of Holy Mass this morning. One of the positive things about the lock down is being able to visit lots of different Churches for Holy Mass (virtually!) That I’d never normally get to see! Unfortunately my parish Church here in Liverpool doesn’t have a live on line Mass.
Thank you for all your good work. Hopefully our churches will be open again soon.

Beautiful Mass and wonderful homily. Never before has the Church had this opportunity of preaching to a world audience – the opportunity for such evangelization is enormous. When the lock downs cease it would be good to continue to lives tream for all those who cannot get to mass and those who look at it out of interest and maybe hear about the Gospel for the first time in homilies – never, never, have they been so important – it is a golden opportunity. People I know have told me they have never heard so many masses and go to several a day to a complete mass and then go to others just for the homilies during the week. Working people cannot get to mass during the week in most places because it is at about 9am. A man in our parish which steams close up of the altar by itself, said “Father, I never knew you did all that. When the lock down is over I am going to sit at the front of the church. It made me wonder. Tall people block out the view from those behind and ordinary dults block it completely for children. Maybe we should do what they have at conferences and a screens high up so all the people can see the actions of the priest closeup Thank you for your homilies Fr Carlos.

A brief word of thanks from a member of your virtual congregation this morning at the 9am Mass, firstly that you should make the Mass available to everybody. Unfortunately, we are unable to do this from my home parish on the south coast. I have done a fair bit of ‘church-hopping’ over the weeks of the lock down, selecting Masses mainly for the convenience of time (one has to have some selection criterion!) and have appreciated the Mass from St Joseph & the English Martyrs as much as any, because I have felt as though I have been included in the Mass. This, I think, is some achievement when the Mass is being celebrated from an empty church – apart from all the Guardian Angels present, of course! One of the things which contributes to the feeling of inclusion is being given responsibility, and time, for the responses rather than having the celebrant say them: a little thing perhaps, but one which makes a difference, to me at least. Let’s hope and pray that it will not be too long before we are again able to worship together in person in our parish communities but, in the meantime, I shall be back ‘in’ Bishop’s Stortford again.

Although we are parishioners of Hertford Parish, we have become regulars at your 9.00 am Sunday services. We both enjoy the services very much and hope to visit in the future when life is a little more settled. As we have both been involved in church cleaning at our own parish, we can only sympathise with the task you have ahead.

I live in Dublin (Ireland) but I’ve just joined your parish via webcam for 9.00 am online Mass.  The world situation is challenging at the moment but it’s great to be able to explore different Churches especially in neighbourhood.  Lovely singing, Father!

Thank you so much for the Masses, although it will be so good to ‘get back to some sort of normality’  and to be able to go to Mass and receive the Holy Sacraments.
I have been joining all sorts of different churches for service since the lock down and found several where I felt more at home than at others for various different services etc.Today was my first time at Bishops Stortford. It was a lovely service with your spoken human messages, very straightforward and informative for those of us who don’t know the church physically .
Your very pertinent and thought provoking messages with respect to our true  relationship to God, a lovely service with Hymns which I could join in, even though my book was a different one to yours , vocals very clear and mercifully no loss of contact due to the technology throughout the whole time ( that is often my greatest frustration as you can’t always tell when it falls out and suddenly you have missed key parts like the sermons that you can’t catch upon).Also the feeling of being a congregation as you name parishioners who have special intentions.( Also I hadn’t thought getting the information in one’s newsletter to those not on e-mail…thanks for the reminder.)I know that all of this this doesn’t happen easily. The additional work involved is enormous for the clergy but it was really all worth it.Thank you again for allowing me to feel that I really have been at Mass this morning.Good luck with the improvement to your facilities ( and the funds needed)…great to get started but hardly the easiest time!I will join you again soon
I just feel I ought to tell you I love your broadcasts of the Sunday mass it makes me feel I’m really at mass and taking part thank you very much
Just a quick email to say Thank you for the Sunday Mass.It was lovely to be virtual parishioners of yours today . Please stay well during these strange times,Take care and God Bless your parish – Stoke on Trent
Thank you for the celebration of Mass this morning. May the Lord continue to bless you and the people of Bishops Stortford – Parishioner from Harwich
Just wanted to say ‘Hello and Thanks’ to you, Father Peter and Father Carlos for all that you are doing to keep ‘the Parish community’ in touch at this time. Being able to attend daily
Mass is a great blessing.

I have been joining you for your live-streaming of Sunday Mass over the last few weeks and feel almost like I’m a parishioner! Thank you for your warm welcome to Mass each Sunday; such an invaluable facility to have when we’re not able to be physically present. You all do a tremendous and valuable service, enriching our week and in helping to keep us praying. I live in Caernarfon in NW Wales and for some time have been ‘broadcasting’ your Masses via the telephone to a housebound couple in Colwyn Bay, some 30 miles to the east of me along the coast. They have no internet access and no other means of having a live Mass. They value and cherish the opportunity to not only hear the Mass but also to participate so very much.They say the Mass comes through really clearly when I place my phone over the computer’s load speaker which is turned up to full volume.Fr Peter and Fr Carlos, you’re both very clear speakers, and combined with a really good microphone system, makes such a difference to the quality of broadcast. It’s great that you also tell viewers about this further opportunity to bring Mass to those who would otherwise be unable to participate.The other thing I’ve done is to take a photo(Screenshot) from the video, print it out and sent it to the housebound couple so that they can visualise the Mass setting and feel even more at home in Bishops Stortford – a place, coincidentally, they knew from several years ago.You provide a lovely service which clearly means so much to so many of your parishioners and those of us much further afield. I can only say a heartfelt ‘thank you’

My wife and I tuned into Sunday Mass today (June 7), and were greatly helped by the Mass celebrated by Fr Carlos. We live in  Dublin, Ireland, but the internet of our local church had broken down, and Bishop’s Stortford was the first that came up on my search. Thank you both, God bless your work,


Thank you for steaming the Holy Mass each Sunday morning and for your wonderful priests. I pray for your church and that the renovations will be completed soon. God bless you all,from  Nottingham

Thank you father for mass  May God bless you richly  From Mickleover ☘️ Derbyshire England

I would like to thank you for live streaming the masses as have found it very comforting to be able to continue with mass, although in very different surroundings, during lockdown. I must say that it has also been a blessing that your masses are available to download, as I have been able to take my laptop to my 84 year old mother who doesn’t have access to the internet. My mother is shielding at present and has also been poorly over the last month or so, and, therefore, enjoys watching the vigil mass which I take to her on a Sunday morning.

Thank you that I have been able to be present at Mass on Sundays during lock-down via your excellent streaming service. I do hope that you are able to open now that the renovations are nearly complete. Thank you, James from Nottingham

For those of us whose local churches are not yet open, live streaming is our opportunity to be part of the Holy Mass, and I should like to thank you, and all the clergy who have made this possible. You have provided a spiritual lifeline for us, longing as we are for the Eucharist.
Bless you.

Just wanted to say Congratulations on Fr Carlos’ Sunday Mass – a model of how Mass should be celebrated complying with Government guidelines. I ‘went’ to several other English churches to see how they were celebrating the shorter Mass. Such a range of approaches – one church seemed to have no social distancing at all. The church was packed and it was a free for all going up for communion – no management or direction at all, and it was the same after Mass as people left. So, well done on an exemplary and responsible approach to how Mass should be celebrated at present.

Many thanks for Mass this morning which I joined from Bishopton in Scotland. It was lovely to share the Mass with you and to see your beautiful Church.

I was privileged to join you for mass again tonight ( Sat 15th) on the church services TV. I am always impressed at the clarity of the services you offering and your very clear and thought provoking sermons, but a special commendation today for also doing the section before Mass to remember the people who served and suffered out in the Far East right up until VJ Day, 75 years ago.The last post was a great addition also and the reflections on peace and society just right. I am sure you are already stretched to the limit but you still always go the extra mile
Thank you again

We have just attended your splendid 11 am Mass on the internet at Toot Hill, Ongar, Essex.We did appreciate the service, for which we thank you and all those involved.