Live Streaming

Live Streaming


Church Services -TV is now  live at St Joseph’s…

Some of you will have noticed a very small, camera at the back of the Church in the balustrading of the choir loft. This is on 24 hours a day and provides “live streaming” for anyone who wishes to visit our Church or watch Mass etc., etc.

This is primarily aimed at those who are housebound or sick and are unable to get to Mass, so that they can join us as we celebrate Mass here in our Church.  It is part of an initiative based in Ireland which is now becoming available here in England too.   If you have a computer and have the internet, you can watch on:

The housebound are able to watch and hear Mass, or make a visit to the Blessed Sacrament for a moments prayer by means of a little box on top of their TV (if they don’t have a computer), but they will need to have “broadband” on their telephone line.  We are very grateful to one of our parishioners whose generosity has made this project possible.

In due course Fr Peter will be asking for “sponsorship” to have a number of the TV boxes available free to the sick or housebound who might not be able to afford the £150 which they will each cost…


Who watches our Live Streaming and where are they from ??

Current Month Totals for April 2017
Number of Viewers: 10582
Number of Unique Viewers: 2164
Total Time Viewed: 3254 Hours

Viewers By Country: Andorra 1
Australia 5
Brazil 1
Bulgaria 1
Canada 6
Croatia 4
Cyprus 2
France 6
Germany 35
Greece 1
Grenada 1
Guernsey 4
Hungary 1
India 3
Ireland 294
Italy 17
Japan 2
Kuwait 2
Latvia 1
Malaysia 3
Malta 7
Mexico 1
Morocco 1
Netherlands 26
New Zealand 3
Oman 5
Poland 16
Portugal 12
Puerto Rico 1
Republic of Korea 1
Republic of Lithuania 1
Romania 8
Russia 1
Slovenia 3
South Africa 3
Spain 12
Sweden 2
Switzerland 4
Trinidad and Tobago 5
Ukraine 1
United Arab Emirates 5
United Kingdom 1471
United States 183
Zambia 2


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