Parish Message for the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

I remember that there was a film in 1994 produced by Disney called Angels in the Outfield. I actually remembered it because, in those times that you had two VCRs, you were able to record a film from Blockbuster into another tape. (Remember those times we had to press Record and Play to do so?)

Looking back now, I realise that it is truly a film that a child would enjoy, but as an adult you would perhaps question why you did so. I won’t say much more just in case you are interested to see it after going through all the box sets on earth.

What is interesting about the film is the protagonist, Roger Bomman, a foster child whose only desire is to be with his father. When his father sarcastically mentions that they will be together if their local baseball team wins the pennant. So, Roger turns to God to help the team win in order to be reunited with his father.

You may think that this is completely ridiculous: How can God help a baseball team in order to help a child and father to be one again? But, were you a young child once? Do you remember when you would ask for something improbable in order to find some happiness? Just as the film uses angels to help this young man’s request, so there are angels always to our aid.

This Friday the Church celebrated the memorial of the Guardian Angels. There is so much to believe when it comes to our Guardian Angels. It is not something that we believe as children and then forget as adults. They are there, one assigned to each of us, in order to help us experience God’s protection in everything we do or say – fighting to ward of the powers of evil against us and safeguarding us in the path of holiness.

If today, you find yourself in either distress or relief, sorrow or joy, in tribulation or calm, or just need any help, call upon your angel and say to them anything you need – even if it is to wake up on time (I assure you … I’ve done that as well).

The Guardian Angels, pray for us!

In Christ,

Fr. Carlos