Sunday Message from Fr Peter

Sunday Message from Fr Peter on the Feast of Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

“The Feast of Christ the King always heralds the end of the Church’s year, which means, indeed, that the following Sunday IS the Church’s new year – the First Sunday of Advent…. So, in the world of our Catholic Faith it will be time for New Year’s resolutions; not just general things but specifically FAITH resolutions… Now that has got you thinking hasn’t it ?!?!

Just like “worldly” new year’s resolutions, it is probably best not to start with anything impossible or things you feel are beyond your abilities.. no, start simple, but truthful.

What about reflecting, with your soul’s eye, on a sort of “Faith” M.O.T.? Just like with all the different parts of a car, seeing how they are all reliant on each other, go back to basics. E.g. Is there any petrol in the tank? Is there any petrol (Grace?) in your spiritual tank? Grace is God’s gift but we can always waste it or refuse it – perhaps there’s a sort of “leak” where God’s Grace is seeping out of my life – perhaps an urgent repair is needed? If so, thinking of my childhood, it may be that this is the time to get the “puncture kit” out of our saddlebag. It is a simple operation, it just takes a little effort and then we will be back on the road of our Faith; that repair is called “forgiveness” and God offers us an unending amount of it if we but ask.

So, spend some of this Sunday thanking God for the Kingship of Christ our Lord, and then spend some of the coming week preparing your New Year’s Faith resolutions, for example: more time in prayer (never too late to start); greater kindness to others (much needed at the moment); always remembering to say thank you” to God for all His blessings in your life, both obvious and sometimes, less obvious. BUT, above all else, at least TRY!!”

God bless,

Fr Peter