Sunday Message from Fr Peter on 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time



It is a sunny Autumn day as I sit in my study typing this.  Yesterday it was raining and I thought it was supposed to today as well !?!? Why is the weather so changeable.  Ask a weather forecaster I guess !  When I think of the changeability of the weather it always makes me think of our relationship with God, because, in the way that we chop and change, and our ability to be good and bad, often it seems for little reason, I have a feeling that God sees us a bit like e see the weather!  “Oh”, says God, “I see Fr Peter is being a bit rainy today, shame, I sent sunshine but Fr Peter seems to have changed it in his life today!”

How grateful I am, always, for God’s patience with me – rain or shine.  It gives me a spiritual “warm” feeling on every rainy day.

I went up to the Church roof yesterday and the sky was dark, but beautiful, so the person with me took a photo – here it is.  It seemed to be just as beautiful as a sunny day, but different.  I am glad that God sees me as beautiful even when I am “raining”.


Fr Peter